Spicy Soups: How To Use Different Chilies In Soups

Long gone the times when people would only have soups in winter because, in summers, soups become the ultimate appetizers. Similarly, people no longer want bland and boring soups, so why don’t we add some chilies in there? The chilies can add a variety of flavors, ranging from smoky to spicy and fruity while adding the heating. So, if you want to add some chilies but don’t want to disturb the recipe, we are sharing how you can use different chilies in soups!

Ancho Chili

If you are a fan of deep earthy tones with a pinch of heat, you can add ancho chilies to your Mexican stews and soups. The best thing about ancho chili is that you can add this to butternut squash soup (it makes a perfect addition to corn chowder too, by the way). These chilies are actually the dried poblano peppers that have become an essential part of Mexican recipes.
Ancho chilies can add earthy heat, warm yet mild flavor, and rich tones to the soups. Not to forget, ancho chilies make it perfect for beef broths and chicken stews.

Aleppo Pepper

Let us warn you, this is the most addictive chili out there and you can use it in soups with seasoning salt. Aleppo pepper delivers a tangy and fruity flavor without adding too much heat to the recipes. The most intriguing fact is that it adds the citrus flavor which brings out the enriching flavor. The peppers originate from Syria and are generally cured with salt and oil
We don’t mind saying that Aleppo pepper delivers a tarty and bright flavor with slight heat. All in all, the peppers compliment the creamy soups, yogurt, lentil soups, and chickpea gravy. Not to forget, it might add a red hue to your soups and gravies!

Chipotle Chili

For everyone who is a fan of smoky flavors, chipotle chili is the perfect addition to soups without adding too much spiciness. This is because chipotle chilies are the smoked jalapenos, hence the smokiness. Topping it all, it has hints of sweetness along with earthy and mild flavors. Chipotle chilies are perfect for sweet soups, Mexican soups, corn soup, lentil soup, and cheesy soups. The chipotle chilies are readily available in the supermarket, so what are you waiting for?

Cayenne Pepper

If you have always wanted the all-around hot pepper, cayenne pepper is your answer and it can be added to any dish. It doesn’t matter if you use it in abundance or add a pinch, it delivers a versatile flavor. The best thing about cayenne pepper is that it’s the kitchen staple, so you will find it in your pantry. It can be used for adding spiciness to stews and soups without imparting the soup’s flavor.
For the most part, cayenne pepper is perfect for curry soups since it adds heat. It can be sprinkled on creamy soups that deliver slight hotness and richness. Also, it goes impeccably with vegetable soups and beef broths.


For people who like cloves and cinnamon, we suggest that you add allspice to the soup. This is because it delivers an amazing flavor to the soup while adding spicy hints. In addition to soup, you can also add allspice to stews. Not to forget, Qrist Herbs and Spices have the allspice ground available which can be added to the soups. Their allspice ground can be added to the soup and on the top of the soup before serving.

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