Spices To Detox – Kickstart A Healthy 2021

It doesn’t matter if you got motivated by Instagram challenges or a healthy lifestyle overall, it’s good that you are here and are ready to detoxify your body. Sure, we all love heavy food and rich desserts but they aren’t good for our body, man! That being said, if you want to kickstart this year (although half of it is gone), we are sharing amazing options with you. Are you ready to flush out the toxins, then?

Lentil & Tomato Soup

Not everyone can handle the bland taste of soups, which is why we are talking about this spicy lentil and tomato soup. This soup is enriched with vegetables that leave you fulfilled (nope, you won’t crave that chocolate bar). The soup is cooked with lentils, tomatoes, and olive oil with a pinch of fresh garlic. The fresh garlic elevates the flavor while delivering detoxification features and fix the cold.
Not to forget, it has the chilies which delay the aging process by detoxifying the cells. Some people have also experienced weight reduction, so there is no harm. Lastly, you can use Calabrian chili for adding spicy and fruity flavors. Not to forget, only buy the chili powders from Qrist Herbs and Spices because the spices are top-notch and have the most delicious flavors.


Nope, we aren’t asking you to munch on the boring and raw sumac but the sumac roasted asparagus. Sumac is basically a red berry with higher antioxidant properties, hence the ability to eliminate free radicals and prevent cancer and heart diseases. Even if you don’t want asparagus, sumac can be roasted with fish and chicken to make amazing recipes. On top of everything, you can dash some on the hummus or dips to add the lemony and tangy flavor.


Yes, you can eat salmon during your detoxification journey because it’s the most sustainable fish out there. However, we suggest that you opt for salmon skewers with the pomegranate marinade for providing the perfect combination of tangy, spicy, and sweet flavors. If skewers don’t fill up your belly, have it with fresh salad and a pinch of sumac.
If you cannot find sumac, the salmon skewers can be topped with Worcestershire powder (Qrist Herbs and Spices has the amazing Worcestershire powder). In addition, if you choose Qrist Herbs and Spices’ Worcestershire sauce, you can also make it into a sauce!

Yummy Salads

We all dread salads for the bland flavor (or no flavor) but salads do not have to be that way. So, if you want to eat healthy and easy, you can make the salads appetizing and yummy. For this purpose, just add your salad ingredients to the bowl and add pepper, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil to get the best flavor. Also, why don’t you add some ground white pepper?
You can also buy the ground white pepper from Qrist Herbs and Spices because it gives a sharp and peppery flavor. Our high-quality ground white pepper goes perfectly with sauces, soups, and meat.


It doesn’t matter if you call it an herb or vegetable, it’s an amazing ingredient during your detoxification journey. Garlic is known to be antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, so dash it in your soup or roast your chicken in garlic soup, it’s going to be extremely healthy!

Cajun Shrimps

If you have a job but want to stick to your detoxification journey, we suggest these cajun shrimps since they are enriched with flavor and are extremely simple to make. You can buy the cajun seasoning and marinate the shrimps with it (a little lemon zest will be perfect, by the way!), and roast them in olive oil. As a result, you will get the most perfect recipe and you can eat it with cherry tomatoes for an anti-inflammatory and cleansing experience. Not to forget, Qrist Herbs and Spices has a delicious cajun seasoning available!

Turmeric Latte

Sorry to break it to you but you cannot have the Starbucks coffee latte during detoxification but you can always drink some turmeric latte. This latte is filled with healthy spices which deliver antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. What we love about turmeric latte is that you can add cinnamon and you will be able to cleanse your blood, hence prevention of acne.
On the other hand, for making the turmeric latte, you must use high-quality turmeric. For reference, Qrist Herbs and Spices has amazing turmeric that delivers a floral yet spicy-sweet flavor.

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