A Passionate Foodie’s Top 6 Simple Cooking Tips

Admit it or not, simple and healthy food can bring people together since it helps them achieve active lifestyles. To be honest, cooking healthy food shouldn’t be time-consuming and elaborate because it will become a chore. That being said, if you want to healthy and enjoy delicious food, we are sharing some tips with you through this article. So, if you want to get the best flavor without compromising on the nutrients, keep reading on!

No Stale Food

We understand that you have vegetables and ingredients lying around in the fridge but healthy eating is all about using fresh ingredients. This is because the fresh vegetables and ingredients will deliver an enriching flavor even if you have to pay a higher price or invest some effort. So, if you have a farmers’ market nearby, take a walk and buy fresh ingredients from there. If you still want an experiment, make a bowl of salad with frozen berries and another bowl with fresh berries, and you will know the difference.

Shortcuts, Please!

It’s needless to say that everyone has a hectic schedule and cannot spend hours in the kitchen only because they want “healthy food.” For this reason, you can use the shortcuts when you can. For instance, rather than mashing the garlic with mortar and pestle, add garlic cloves to the hand bender to extract the best flavor and juices. Still, please don’t opt for the canned garlic pastes because those are simply bland.

Spices On The End

For people who want to experience the raw and fresh flavor of herbs and spices, we suggest that they add spices at the end of the cooking cycle. Sure, you can add cumin during cooking but other herbs and spices must be added at the end. This is because it adds a kick to the recipe while delivering a raw flavor. To illustrate, you can add tomatoes and sumac on the top of lettuce salad or wraps.
For soups, you can add the powdered chilies on top while the gravies’ flavor will be improved with a spoon of lemon juice on top. At this point, we would love to add that Qrist Herbs and Spices has the best powdered chilies and chili powder and we love the fresh flavor.

Yummy Salads

We all dread salads for the bland flavor (or no flavor) but salads do not have to be that way. So, if you want to eat healthy and easy, you can make the salads appetizing and yummy. For this purpose, just add your salad ingredients to the bowl and add pepper, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil to get the best flavor. Also, why don’t you add some ground white pepper?
You can also buy the ground white pepper from Qrist Herbs and Spices because it gives a sharp and peppery flavor. Our high-quality ground white pepper goes perfectly with sauces, soups, and meat.

Don’t Exaggerate

Some people ruin the recipe because they add too many ingredients, but remember quality over quantity! For this reason, you must use the premium spices but in lesser quantity. The best thing about choosing premium spices that you will get the perfect flavor while adding simplicity to the kitchen chores. Also, you mustn’t muddle with the individual flavors of the recipe. In case you are unable to find high-quality spices, you can choose spices from Qrist Herbs and Spices!


Believe it or not, acids can positively influence the flavor of your recipes while cutting out fats. Before we move forward, let us tell you that we are talking about citric acid. It can add richness to the recipes with an extremely balanced flavor. Also, you can use the combination of lemon juice, garlic, and vinegar for soups and sauces!

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