The Best Basic Spices For Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter what you cook and how you cook it, spices are the important elements of every recipe (and kitchen pantry, of course). The spices can add immense flavor to your recipes, irrespective of the fact if you are making meat, beans, or vegetables. Still, we cannot forget the fact that the spice category is extremely vast (it’s more than sugar, spice, and everything nice!). So, if you are overwhelmed by spice shopping, we are sharing some basic spices to have in your kitchen!

Black Peppercorns

Okay, the majority of people have black pepper in powdered form but black peppercorns are better for adding authentic flavor to the recipes. In addition to black peppercorns, you can also find pink peppercorns and white peppercorns for people who want higher spiciness. The best thing about black peppercorns is that they can be grounded to make powder and will deliver a fresh flavor. If you want black pepper powder, Qrist Herbs and Spices has black pepper shaker available for your ease (absolutely worth the investment).


It does not matter if you find whole cumin or ground cumin, just have cumin in your pantry. Cumin will add an aromatic and earthy flavor to your recipes while delivering mildly nutty tones. Truth be told, cumin is a versatile spice and can be mixed with chili powder to make a rub. All in all, cumin can complement various recipes, such as roasted cauliflowers, grilled veggies, and lamb noodles.

Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

For everyone who prefers spicy flavors and recipes, you can always opt for crushed red pepper flakes. The crushed red pepper flakes are perfect for pizza topping and add spiciness to pasta, guacamole, chicken wings, and pasta, of course. On the other hand, you can also buy whole dried chilies and add them to curry and bean recipes. However, some people don’t like to chew the flakes, so you can buy red chili powder from Qrist Herbs and Spices.


Turmeric is widely known for its healing and antibacterial properties, but did you know that it also adds flavor and color to your food? For the most part, turmeric is used in Thai and Indian cooking, so if you are a fan of these cuisines, do add this spice to your pantry. As far as the flavor is concerned, it adds a mild yet bright and floral taste. Also, it compliments chickpea soup and chicken recipes. Not to forget, if you want the authentic floral and sweet-spicy flavor, Qrist Herbs and Spices has turmeric powder made from high-quality turmeric.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are often popular as a mysterious spice and have become a staple of French cuisine. The bay leaves will add the herby flavor and aroma to your recipe. Bay leaves are perfect for long meat braise, potatoes, soup, stock, and panna cotta. When you add fresh bay leaves, it will add the floral and spicy aroma (it’s incredibly pleasant!).


Sorry to burst your bubble but your kitchen pantry is incomplete without garlic. This is because garlic is the building block of your kitchen. Sure, fresh garlic is always welcomed but you can also opt for powdered or granulated garlic because it adds zing and spiciness to the recipes. Personally, we love garlic powder better because it adds better flavor to spice mixtures and recipes.

Smoked Paprika

For people who want a combination of smokiness and spiciness to the recipes, smoked paprika is the must-have in the pantry. Smoked paprika is suitable for vegetarian recipes but it adds the ideal smokiness to hummus, steaks, and chicken. You can depend on Qrist Herbs and Spices for the smoked sweet paprika and it will deliver the sweet yet mild heat to your savory recipes!

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